Blue Cruises - 1 week packages from $380

Aegean and Mediterranean

Pilgrim Tours would like to introduce you to a unique experience known as the Blue Cruise. The Blue Cruise is the term used to describe taking a yacht on the Aegean and Mediterranean on a traditional wooden, handmade Turkish boat called a "goulett." You may chose between hiring your own goulett with your friends or rent a cabin on a yacht and make some new friends. Yacht on the AegeanYou may also rent an uncrewed bareboat if you have a licensed captain in your group. You may choose the number of meals you want to have prepared each day as well as the routes of your cruise. The Blue Cruise is the ultimate vacation as you sail along the beautiful coast of Turkey while getting way from routines and exploring the many coves. It is a great option to add on to any tour for a few days to a week. Yachts have cabins with private bathrooms and showers with hot water, full galleys, and all have additional water sports equipment. Some are air-conditioned. You will be surprised at how reasonably priced the Blue Cruises are. Do not hesitate and decide now and you will remember this for the rest of your life and want to come back.


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