Scheduled Costa Rica Tours 2024 & 2025

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Costa Rica Highlights 9 Days View Tour

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Costa Rica- First Class 8 Days View Tour
Costa Rica- First Class 10 Days View Tour
Costa Rica Natural 9 Days View Tour
Costa Rica Highlights 8 Days View Tour

Costa Rica Tours: Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best month for a Costa Rica tour?

Choosing the best month for your Costa Rica trip is all about your preferences. Costa Rica has a unique climate that makes it an attractive vacation spot throughout the year. While the weather is warm and sunny during the dry seasons, Costa Rica experiences a lot of rain during the wet months. December to April is generally considered the best time to visit because these are the driest months with the best weather. This also means that December to April is the busiest time of year in terms of tourism, so you may want to avoid these months if you’re looking for smaller crowds.

How many days do you need for a Costa Rica tour?

Our travel packages to Costa Rica vary a bit in terms of length, with tour packages that highlight different aspects of the country. Our Costa Rica Highlights and Costa Rica First Class tours are the shortest tours we have available at 8 days. We also offer a more extensive Costa Rica First Class that lasts for 10 days. While these tour packages are shorter than some of our Germany and Italy tours, they’re designed to give you a firsthand look at some of the most important parts of Costa Rica.

What is the dress code in Costa Rica?

The good news is that you don’t have to worry about a dress code when you visit Costa Rica. There’s not really a dress code in any part of the country, so people tend to dress comfortably and casually everywhere. Beach attire is great if you’re visiting during the warmer months, but you can wear whatever you’d typically wear for a vacation during your trip to Costa Rica. Unlike our Jordan tours, our Costa Rica travel packages are a bit more casual.

Is there a lot of walking involved on a Costa Rica Tour?

You’re going to have to walk during parts of your Costa Rica trip, but the amount of walking varies depending on the tour you choose. You can visit our website to view a detailed itinerary for all of our tour packages, or you can contact us if you have any questions about how much walking is involved in a particular tour. We recommend packing comfortable shoes that you can wear all day long no matter which country you’re visiting.

What passport & visa information do I need for your Costa Rica tours?

Whether you book a Costa Rica trip package or one of our Greece tours, you need to have a passport to be allowed entry into another country. Make sure you have your passport before you book one of our Costa Rica tours. You don’t have to worry about a visa since you can visit Costa Rica for up to 180 days for tourism without a visa.

What common languages will be spoken during the Costa Rica tours?

Spanish is the official national language of Costa Rica, so you may want to learn beginner Spanish or use a translator app during your trip. All of our tours — from our Costa Rica trips to Egypt tours — include an English-speaking tour guide who can make sure you have everything you need during your trip.

What currency can I use on a Costa Rica tour?

The Colon is colorful paper money that services as the primary currency in Costa Rica. If you’re planning a trip to Costa Rica, you should convert some of your money to Colon so you have spending money during your trip. You can convert your money before your trip or wait until you’re in Costa Rica to visit a foreign currency exchange center.

Do I need to bring a converter for the Costa Rica tour?

If you’re visiting Costa Rica from the United States, you don’t typically have to worry about using a converter. Costa Rica uses the same type A and type B outlets that the US uses, so you can connect your devices directly. That being said, you may want to invest in a universal adapter if you’re planning on taking one of our Italy or Germany tours soon.

What is the time zone for your Costa Rica tours?

Costa Rica uses Central Standard Time (CST), which is also used in parts of the United States. CST is two hours ahead of Pacific Standard Time and an hour behind Eastern Standard Time.

What climate should I expect during my Costa Rica tour?

Whether you’re looking at our Costa Rica travel itinerary or booking one of our Turkey tours, planning for the climate is important. The climate in Costa Rica is warm and sunny during the dry months, so beach attire is perfect. If you visit during the wet months, make sure you pack rain-proof clothes.