Germany Tours & Trip Packages 2024, 2025

Want to learn about the beginnings of the Protestant Church where the Reformers like Luther, Calvin, Zwingli, and others led their lives? Then you need to experience the sites of these major events in the church history. Tour sites are colorful with historic charm that cannot be found anywhere else. A large portion of our understanding of scripture was formed in this picturesque setting. Be challenged by the faith and courage of our church fathers on this wonderful tour vacation.

Below is a list of various tour packages departing year-round.

Scheduled 2024 & 2025 Germany Tours

Tour Name Luxury Length Info
German Reformation & Luther Tour
(May & October)
4 star 9 Days View Tour
Danube River Cruise
with optional 2 day Prague extension
(May - September)
4 star 9 or 11 Days View Tour
Greece & German Luther Reformation Tour
(April & October)
4 star 15 Days View Tour
Israel & German Luther Reformation Tour
(April & October)
4 star 16 Days View Tour

Group Options

Tour Name Luxury Length Info
Britain & Germany Christian Heritage 4 star 17 Days View Tour
Sordevolo Passion Play, Italian Lakes & Alpine
Region, German Christian Heritage Tour
4 star 14 Days View Tour
Bonhoeffer & Luther - Poland & Germany Tour 4 star 11 Days View Tour
Reformation Germany & Imperial Europe 4 star 11 Days View Tour
World War I & II History Tour 4 star 12 Days View Tour
Alpine Adventure: Germany & Austria 4 star 9 Days View Tour
Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Prague, Budapest 4 star 18 Days View Tour
Germany, Austria & Switzerland 4 star 9 Days View Tour
Footsteps of Bonhoeffer & Luther 4 star 11 Days View Tour
Germany & Switzerland Reformation 4 star 12 Days View Tour
Prague, Germany & Switzerland, Reformation Tour 4 star 12 Days View Tour
Alpine Adventure 4 star 13 Days View Tour
Germany/Switzerland Reformation Tour 4 star 14 Days View Tour
WWII Tour of France & Germany 4 star 15 Days View Tour
Alpine Adventure 4 star 16 Days View Tour
The Reformation, Switzerland, France,
Germany, Austria
4 star 17 Days View Tour

Germany Tours: Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best month for a Germany tour?

It’s up to you to decide when you want to visit Germany, but we offer Germany tours all through the year. The cool thing about Germany is that there are benefits to visiting during any time of the year. The weather is best during the summer months, but September and October are ideal if you want to go to one of the country’s many beer festivals. December is also a great time to visit if you want to see the Christmas markets. With trips to Germany and various Britain tours offered all year long, we give you the freedom to choose.

How many days do you need for a Germany tour?

Germany is one of the those countries where you want to spend at least a week if you’re visiting. Our shortest Germany tour packages are 9 days long, taking you through Germany and nearby countries to experience the culture. Our most extensive tours — including our Israel & German Luther Reformation Tour — last nearly 3 weeks. You can check out the itinerary for any of our tours by visiting our website, or you can contact us to learn more about a specific Germany package trip.

What is the dress code in Germany?

Like our Ireland tours and most of our other packages, you don’t have to worry about a specific dress code when you visit Germany. There isn’t a particular dress code in Germany unless you’re visiting a specific event or location. For example, some restaurants and festivals may have a dress code that you have to abide by. Some religious sites may also have a dress code. For the most part, however, you can wear whatever you feel comfortable in when you visit Germany.

Is there a lot of walking involved on a Germany Tour?

The amount of walking involved in your tour depends on the tour you choose. Some of our tours involve a lot of walking while others offer a more luxurious experience with less walking. You can view the itinerary of a specific tour or contact us for more details. No matter which of our Germany trip packages you choose, we recommend bringing at least one comfortable pair of shoes that you can wear all day.

What passport & visa information do I need for your Germany tours?

You need a passport to visit Germany just like any other country, so take a moment to apply for your passport before you book your tour. Keep in mind that it can take several months to process your passport application, so applying in advance is key. You can also pay for expedited processing. Like our Scotland tours, most travelers don’t need to obtain a visa before vacationing to Germany.

What common languages will be spoken during the Germany tours?

German is the most common language in Germany and is spoken by over 95% of the population. However, there are plenty of English-speaking shops and residents in the country. You can use a translator app or book to make sure you have a grasp of basic phrases that may be helpful during your trip. We’ll also provide an English-speaking tour guide whether you’re taking one of our Greece tours or visiting Germany.

What currency can I use on a Germany tour?

Germany uses the euro, which is a common currency throughout Europe. You should be able to exchange USD for euros at your local bank, but you can also visit a foreign currency exchange center when you arrive at the airport in Germany.

Do I need to bring a converter for the Germany tour?

We recommend picking up a type C converter before booking one of our Germany tour packages. If you have a universal converter lying around from one of our Iceland tours or another vacation, you can use that as long as it supports type C outlets.

What is the time zone for your Germany tours?

Germany uses Central European Standard Time (CET), which is an hour ahead of GMT. The CET time zone is 9 hours ahead of the western United States and 6 hours ahead of the eastern United States.

What climate should I expect during my Germany tour?

When taking our Germany and Italy tours, it’s important to keep in mind how much the climate can vary based on where you’re at in the country. Germany is mostly mild in terms of climate, with overcast weather and moderate rainfall for several months out of the year. Summers in Germany are warm, but you’ll usually only experience extremely warm temperatures in the south of the country.