U.S. & Canada
Christian Fellowship & Central America Tours

Our US & Canada Christian fellowship tours range from 6-15 days in length for the Protestant Evangelical Believer. Since 1987, it has been the dream of Pilgrim Tours to have our passengers explore the beautiful world God has created alongside others who also hold dear our common faith. Our US & Canada tours offer a unique blend of breathtaking scenery of our national parks and nation’s landmarks, a celebration of mankind’s ingenuity and the American spirit, and a vast assortment of regional cultures & cuisines. We invite you to join us as our special guest on one of our US & Canada Christian fellowship tours.

Below is a list of tour packages departing in 2021.

Scheduled 2021 U.S. & Canada Tours

Tour Name Month(s)
Length Info
Alaska’s Iditarod Winter Wonderland Tour March 8 Days View Tour
Savannah, Charleston, & Myrtle Beach April 7 Days View Tour
Best of Texas April 13 Days View Tour
Alaska Explorer May-September 6 Days View Tour
Alaska Grand Adventure Tour May-September 8 Days View Tour
Alaska National Parks Tour May-September 8 Days View Tour
Huntsville, Nashville and Pigeon Forge June 8 Days View Tour
Wyoming & Yellowstone National Park July 10 Days View Tour
Yellowstone and Dakotas August 15 Days Coming Soon
Canadian Rockies September 9 Days Coming Soon
Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island September 9 Days Coming Soon
Grand New England and Coastal Maine October 9 Days Coming Soon
Scenic Western Wonders October 9 Days Coming Soon
National Parks and Cowboys October 13 Days Coming Soon
Southwest Adventure October 14 Days Coming Soon

Group Options (10 persons or more)

Tour Name Luxury Length Info
Costa Rica Tours 3 - 4 star 8 - 12 Days View Tour