Passport & Visa Information

Please note that US, Canadian, European, New Zealand and Australian Citizens do not have to purchase a visa in advance to enter Israel, Greece and Europe in general. Egypt & Jordan require a visa (entry tax) and can be purchased at the arrival airport or border crossing. Turkey Visa’s can only be obtained through the “E-Visa System” at the following website. Failure to obtain proper entry requirements may result in the loss of tour membership and any resulting penalties. Only travelers who have overnight accommodations in Turkey are required to secure a Visa. Cruise passengers are covered by the cruise company visa and are not required to secure a visa for entry to Turkey.

Persons from other countries are responsible to determine the entry requirements of the country they will be touring. Pilgrim Tours is not responsible for the clients lack of diligence in this area and all costs and penalties because of a delay caused by such lack of preparation is the responsibility of the client.

Passports: Some countries require that your U.S. passport be valid at least 6 months or longer after the date of travel. Please check with the Embassy or nearest Consulate of the country that you plan to visit for their requirements and view the country listing below.

Visas: If a visa is required, obtain it from the appropriate foreign consular representative or by using a visa service. See country listing below or visit