Trips to Canada 2024, 2025

Below is a list of tour packages departing in 2024 and 2025.

Scheduled 2024 & 2025 Canada Tours

Tour Name Month(s)
Length Info
Canada & New England Cruise September 10 Days View Tour
Highlights of the Canadian Rockies July 9 Days View Tour
Canada & New England Cruise
on Royal Caribbean’s
Liberty of the Seas
4 star 9 Nights/
10 Days
View Tour

Canada Tours: Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best month for a Canada Tours?

Canada has something to offer during every season, but summer is a popular time for Canada tours. Most parts of Canada have a colder climate, so visiting during the summer is the best way to stay warm. Keep in mind that summer is also the busiest time of year in terms of tourism. If you want to avoid the tourist season, you can visit Canada during the spring or fall. Pilgrim Tours offers several Canada tour packages, so you can pick a time that works for your schedule and preferences.

How many days do you need for a Canada Tours?

If you’re planning on booking one of our tours to Canada, check the tour details before you book. We offer several types of trips to Canada, with different tour lengths available. We do our best to ensure all of our tours are long enough that you get an opportunity to see some of the most important parts of the area you’re visiting, whether you book our Jordan tours or Canada tours.

What is the dress code on a Canada Tour?

Canada has a relaxed dress code that’s very similar to the United States, so you don’t have to worry about what you wear like you may have to during parts of our Egypt tours. However, you should consider the weather when you book a Canada tour package. You may want some layers and warmer clothes if you’re visiting in the fall or spring, but shorts and T-shirts are essential during the summer.

Is there a lot of walking involved on a Canada Tour?

Our Canada tours don’t involve a lot of walking, but you will need to do some walking at some points during your tour. Make sure you bring a comfortable pair of walking shoes that you can wear for these parts of the tour. If you have difficulties walking, you can contact us before you book your tour to learn more about how much you have to walk during our tours of Canada.

What passport & visa information do I need for your Canada Tours?

If you’re a US citizen visiting Canada, you don’t need to obtain a visa to book one of our Canada tours. However, you will need to have a valid passport to enter Canada from the United States. Obtaining a passport can take months and passports are required for all foreign tours. Whether you’re planning on booking a trip to Canada or one of our Greece tours, apply for your passport well in advance of booking.

What common languages will be spoken during the Canada Tours?

French and English are the official languages of Canada, although French is much more common in certain regions. Quebec is the only Canadian province that’s predominantly French, so you don’t have to worry about brushing up on your French unless you’re visiting Quebec. Canada is very similar to the US in many ways, so it’s easier to acclimate than it may be with our Turkey tours.

What currency can I use on Canada Tours?

The official currency of Canada is the Canadian dollar. The Canadian dollar uses the same symbol as the US dollar, but the two currencies have slightly different values. There are several locations in Canada where you can exchange US dollars for Canadian dollars so you have spending money during your tour. You can also use Visa and Mastercard credit and debit cards at many merchants in Canada.

Do I need to bring a converter for the Canada Tours?

If you have a leftover converter from one of our Germany tours, you don’t need to bring it with you on your tour of Canada. Canada uses the same plug type as the US, so you can use the standard plugs for all your devices while you’re in Canada. From phone chargers to hair dryers and other electronics, you can use all your favorite travel devices without a converter during our Canada tours.

What is the time zone for your Canada Tours?

There are several time zones in Canada, including Pacific Standard Time, Mountain Standard Time, and Central Standard Time. Our Canada tours focus primarily on the West Coast, which means you’ll be on Pacific Standard Time. Canada shares some time zones with the US, so it’s easier to acclimate during your trip to Canada and you don’t have to worry about jet lag like you do with Germany and Italy tours.

What climate should I expect during my Canada Tours?

Canada has a colder climate, but that doesn’t mean temperatures are cold throughout the year. If you visit Canada during the spring or summer, you can enjoy sunny days with mild temperatures that are just right. Canada can also be nice during the early portion of fall. That being said, it’s always smart to pack a sweater and some warmer clothes because even summer nights in Canada can be a bit chilly.