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Pastor & Christian Ed. Discounts: Pilgrim offers a substantial discount for all public tours that are arranged and operated by Pilgrim Tours. Upcoming special Pastor Tours include Israel, Jordan, Egypt, Greece & Turkey.
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Mission & Church Air Fare: Pilgrim agents are veterans and the best in the industry. If your itinerary is complicated in any way, it will be to your benefit to check with us.
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Group Tours - Custom Planning: Whether you have a small group who wishes to join another group for savings or your group needs a custom planned tour of your own, you can count on Pilgrim for excellent service and superior pricing. Again, our contracts are the best in the industry.
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Group Air Department: Our group quotations are the lowest in the industry. You can count on Pilgrim to save valuable dollars for your ministry.
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Church History Tours: Church History Tours of Germany, Switzerland, France, Italy, Ireland, Scotland, England, Greece, Turkey, Israel, Egypt, Jordan, Africa, Mexico and many other destinations.
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