Ministry Trip Tips

1. Don't take many clothes. Make sure each outfit fits very well. Take clothes you feel good in and look good in as you will be wearing them over and over.
2. Take durable shoes that will handle water and rain. Shoes worn on the work site will probably get ruined.

1. Pack clothes by folding them in thirds, and do not pack things too tightly. You will want to leave room for souvenirs.
2. Pack only one suitcase and one carry-on. Some take extra items for the missionaries.
3. Label your luggage with your name and address as well as the colored tape.

Security & Finances:
1. People in many other countries are not as wealthy as Americans. Guard your possessions carefully.
2. Keep track of souvenirs bought so they can be declared for customs in U.S. currency. Plan to take cash, not traveler's checks. The return for cash is greater than for checks.

An adaptor for electrical devices is needed for certain countries. (Check with the missionaries)

Packing List: Clothing Personal Needs Miscellaneus
• Shoes (Casual)
• Soap
• Money
• Socks
• Hair Care
• Camera
• Pillow
• Work Clothes (gloves, pants, shirts, shorts)
• Razor
• Aftershave /Cologne
• Watch
• Tissues
• Address List
• Pen
• Casual Clothes
• Towels
• Chapstick
• Bible
• Sunday Clothes (extra shirt or blouse, tie)
• Deodorant
• Toothbrush / Toothpaste
• Medicines
• Book
• Suntan lotion
• Candy
• Immodium AD
• Dirty Clothes Bag
• Roll of TP

Packing Tips
1. Include a change of clothes, all necessary medications, and a second pair of glasses or contact lenses (with solution) in your carry-on bag (luggage can get temporarily misplaced). Put your toiletries in your carry-on bag.
2. Put all liquids in zip-lock bags.
3. If you have extra room, bring along a current newspaper or magazine.
4. Don't pack anything in your suitcase that you can't afford to lose (tickets, travel documents, phone numbers, itinerary, currency, glasses, medicines, and jewelry).

Preparation Checklist
6 - 9 Months Ahead:
1. Apply for passport (follow directions on short term travel tips).
2. Check immunization requirements.
3. Receive required immunizations
- Time may need to be allowed between multiple shots.
- A record of immunizations may be required for obtaining visas.
4. Consult with your doctor on recommended shots.
- Tetanus
- Gamma Globulin (for hepatitis A)
- Typhoid fever pills

3 - 6 Months:
1. Begin visa application (if necessary).
2. Check insurance policies.
- Overseas coverage
- Evacuation services - in case of illness or injury
- Sickness, travel accident (suggested?)

2 - 3 Months:
Research baggage regulations.
-Travel agent or airline will have necessary information.

2 Weeks:
Make sure you have . . .
- Passport
- Vaccinations
- Insurance

1 Week:
Pack your luggage. When packing, do not seal anything. It is likely that boxes will have to be opened and unpacked at check-in.

Departure Day:
Have your . . .
- Passport and airline ticket