Mission Worksheet

Group Defined as 10 or more persons. In some cases it is better to work on a group basis, even if the group numbers 8 or 9.

This time line is only suggested, and not an absolute requirement.

12 Months in Advance:
Contact Pilgrim Travel Online Quote Form (800-322-0788) for an approximate price quote. In most cases, we can quote within $50.00 without going through an extensive bid-quote procedure and without establishing a contract with the airline. This will allow you time to compile housing, meal, and transportation costs in order to prepare a preliminary budget.
1. Destination
2. Departure Point Options
3. Approximate Time of Year
4. Guesstimate of Possible Group Size
5. Approximate Quote From Pilgrim

Promote the prospective trip and try to get an idea of the amount of interest. When establishing departure and return dates, remember that lower fares can usually be negotiated for travel on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and sometimes Saturday. If a group is made up of persons who work a paying job, the savings involved with midweek travel do not normally justify taking two days off of work.

11 Months in Advance:
6. Proposed Group Size
7. Preferred Dates of Trip
Mention any date flexibility's that can be available during airline price negotiation.

10½ Months in Advance:
Contract negotiation can take anywhere from 3 days to 2 weeks.
8. Final Dates
9. Final Pricing

General Deposit & Payment Procedures:
Group Contracts normally require a 10% per person deposit (minimum $50.00) to be sent to the airline 14-30 days after the contract has been established. Most contracts will allow cancellation without penalty up to 90 days prior to departure. Some airlines will not allow for a refund of the initial deposit, but most will. After 90 days prior, reductions of 20% forfeits the deposit amount for only the number over 20%. Final names (no nicknames or second names) and payment is due 45-30 days prior to departure. The exact specifics of your contract will be given to you as soon as it is finalized.

Passport and Visa Requirements:
If visas are required for the destination that you choose, passport applications should be sent in 90 days prior to departure. Both visas & passports can be acquired last minute, at an additional cost and hassle, but a passport must be secured prior to applying for a visa. If visas are not required, passport applications should be sent in 60 days prior to departure. It normally takes only 21 days for a passport without any express service, but we suggest that it be done early.
Complimentary tickets are included with some larger groups. Land Tour Options are also available.

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