Ministry Tips

1. Be willing to help with the workload while staying in the home of a missionary. Simply offering will be a great encouragement to your hostess.

2. If using a translator, remember that this will take half of your time. Keep sentences short and pronounce your words distinctively. If your translator does not understand what you are saying, try to say the same thing in a different way.

3. Be on the look-out when you arrive for illustrations that will be meaningful to your host countrymen. Avoid American clichés and play on words which do not translate well and lose their intended meanings.

4. Be willing to: give your testimony, give one devotional (if you feel comfortable), report on your trip when you return to your church.

5. In your testimonies, be discrete when talking about money. It is exciting to see how God provides, but it can overwhelm the national hosts.

6. Do not overemphasize the privileges of Americans. (You do not want to make your hosts discontent with their native country.)

7. Be careful taking pictures. Ask before you take someone's picture. When at church, ask the missionary when pictures are appropriate. In the market, it is best to choose a team member as your subject.

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