Pastor's / Christian Educator's Corner

Dear Pastor/Missionary/Christian Educator,

We at Pilgrim sincerely wish to honor, encourage, and help to train those who are on the battlefront. I know how important it is for you to get out to see the Biblical sites, and our Pastor Discount Policy is an honest effort to that end. In addition to generous discounts on public tour departures, we also occasionally offer special educational (FAM) tours specifically for Pastors and Christian Educators at a very low cost.

FAM Tours for 2024:
Italy 9 Day (October 29-November 6): Click Here
Costa Rica 9 Day (January 12-20): Click Here
Germany Reformation & Luther Tour (October 29-November 6): Click Here

FAM Tours for 2025:
Israel 10 Day Tour (January 14-23) options to pre-tour Exodus, Petra & post-tour Israel: Click Here
Greece Tour (February 28-March 7): Click Here
Churches of Revelation (March 6-12): Click Here
Greece & Churches of Revelation (February 28 – March 12): Click Here

Discount Policy - Click Here or contact our office for a copy of our "Pastor Discount Policy".

Private Customized Packages - Half of our business is private groups taking a custom tour. If you can gather the numbers, we will provide the best wholesale fares and service in the industry. We provide professional custom brochures, a web page, a video, and social media connections to help assist you in promoting the tour. We will also help sell your tour, if you wish, by placing your tour on our website. Video Presentation

Co-hosted Tours - If you are unsure of your numbers, you can sell into one of our co-hosted tours. Most tours listed on our website are co-hosted departures. Each co-hosted tour would offer the same Pastor discounts and small group discounts. We would ask that Pastors who sell into a tour be willing to serve in the devotional times. Our co-hosted tours are also perfect for Sunday School classes or Small Groups that are doing a specific study. Like our private customized packages, we provide professional custom brochures, a web page. and a personalized video to help assist you in promoting the tour. Because of our doctrinal position and advertising focus, our audience is the Evangelical Community. Within this spectrum, we do our best to combine groups of similar doctrine and worship style in order to have a peaceful and blessed experience.

Successful Group Leaders - DOs and DO NOTs - click here
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We will create a video for you and your group: Samples - click here
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Pilgrim Tours is committed to helping those who serve the Savior. Mission Statement

Please review our programs and call on me for anything.

Timothy Spacek