Travel Agency Policy

Attn. Travel Agents:

Pilgrim is getting an alarming number of calls from prospective travel agents who have purchased memberships and/or travel cards from companies such as YTB, Global Travel International, etc..  They use the company IATA number from the agency in order to get a discount or rebate on their own travel.  We also have travel agencies who encourage clients to do all the research on a tour, choose the tour they want and then call their agency for the reservation.  If the client has already done the research, the agency will then rebate some of the commission back to the client.

Pilgrim's classifies the above situations as unethical practices that undermine the travel agency commission system.  We will not support these practices and discourage honest people from buying into any form of this activity.

Does Pilgrim Pay Referral Commission?
Pilgrim Tours pays commissions to travel agents who refer clients to our product line and help the client through the quotation and booking procedure. Commissions are normally paid only on our Christian Retail Tour Products.  Small Group over-rides are paid for parties of 6 or more. We also give commissions and small group net fares to agencies, tour operators and approved CLIA agencies that wish to promote our Christian Tour products.  It is our policy to not give commissions to agencies if the client has first been quoted by a Pilgrim agent.  We appreciate very much the work that professional agents do if they initially deal with clients, but we only pay commission under this condition - no exceptions.  Pilgrim also does not pay commission on clergy or industry discounted fares.

Pilgrim Tours will also pay commission to an independent or home-based agent, no matter what company they are affiliated with, as long as their name is on the company IATA list or they are a TRUE member.

In order to receive commissions from Pilgrim Tours, your agency must be a valid travel agency that is not involved in rebating in any form.  If you are interested in applying for our "Qualified Agency" status, please fill out the form at the following link. 
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