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Is it safe in the Middle East? All of our tours since 1990 have returned without a hitch and the souls that went were blessed beyond measure.   Everyone has been stirred in their commitment to Christ and not once has anyone felt threatened or in danger. 
If you are praying for peace in in this area of the world, we do believe that to be Biblical, although we do not expect the situation there to improve until our Lord is on the throne here on Earth.  Please, do not make a reservation with us based on the hopes of a calm future. If you are interested in the special blessings only available in the Bible Lands, we will take you there and most probably without a hint of trouble.  Our expert drivers and guides will keep you from areas that are known for conflict and treat you to the riches of the Holy Lands as a special guest. 

What kind of Bible teaching and devotionals will be provided.  Pilgrim Tours advertises in the Baptist, Evangelical and traditional Bible believing Protestant markets and our devotional leaders present living practical encouragements from this perspective to our passengers. 

What is Pilgrim Tour's policy on evangelistic efforts?  This depends on the area in which you are travelling. If it is a country that does not allow evangelism, we do not allow it. Remember that you may get out of the country without a problem, but there will be hundreds or even thousands of Pilgrim Tours passengers that will follow at a later date. You have "no right" to draw attention to others because of what you may feel led to do.
Pilgrim Tours encourages you to be a witness by your loving actions and attitude while on tour. If you choose to pursue evangelistic efforts, please do so while on your own and at a different time and place.

Will we have a Christian guide?  Pilgrim does employ many Christian guides, but this is not guaranteed.  Our guides are very familiar with our devotional, scriptural, historical and cultural information requirements.  This coupled with our choice of devotional leaders provides an atmosphere that is exceptional even for the person who has been to this region on prior occasions. We have consistent testimony that the Pilgrim experience is far superior to other tours. 

Do we have the same guide for the entire tour?  If your tour is in one country for the entire time, you will normally have the same guide throughout.  When you cross to another country, we generally hire a new guide, bus and driver from that country. 

Is there free time?  There is a very limited amount of free time.  Time will be provided for shopping on occasions, but this is not a primary concern.  You will also have a couple of hours at the end of the schedule to shop if you wish. 

What length of day can I expect?  An average day will be 8:30-5:30.  There will be occasional days that you can expect a 8:00-6:00 schedule. 

How much walking is required?  We do not recommend our tours for persons who cannot walk 1-2 miles at a moderate pace, navigate some uneven terrain, cobblestone streets, steps and hills. If this is not possible, you will miss some of the sightseeing that is scheduled. Our guides must keep to a schedule for the benefit of the average tour member. We suggest that you prepare yourself by walking 1-2 miles or more per day for the weeks prior to your departure. Our Public Tours do not make provisions for persons with wheel chairs and walkers. 

Are children allowed on the tours?  We suggest that children be 10 years of age or older.  Some younger "well behaved" children are allowed if parents accept the responsibility to make sure the children will not be a disruption or hindrance to the tour quality. 

Will you find a room-mate for me?  Pilgrim will accept your reservation as a "single requesting a share."  If another person of the same sex is interested in a room-mate, we will allow the two of you to correspond and agree to share a room.  Pilgrim will not automatically assign a room-mate.  If a room-mate cannot be found, the passenger will be responsible to pay the single supplement charge. 

What types of meals are included?  Most tours include buffet breakfast and dinners.  There is generally a choice of 3 or 4 meats and a variety of vegetables, salads, starches, breads, deserts and beverages. Some ethnic foods are included, but there will always be options that will be similar to your regular diet. 

Can I take food from the breakfast buffet for lunch?  Some hotels will not object to your taking a fruit or bread and lunch meat snack from the breakfast buffet.  Ask your guide if this is acceptable.  For those who choose to purchase a more substantial lunch, expect to pay $8-15 each. 

Is water provided at meals?  Table water is available in Israel, Greece, Turkey and most European countries and this is drinkable.  Bottled water should be purchased for Egypt and Jordan.   

Is water provided on the tour?  Bottled water is provided on most busses at a reasonable cost. 

Do I need a visa?  Israel and Greece do not require a visa for clients from Europe, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.  Turkey, Egypt and Jordan require an entry tax for this same group of countries. Recently, Turkey has required that visas be purchased in advance at the following link: Click Here
Egypt & Jordan do not require that a visa be purchased prior to arrival.
Persons traveling from other countries are required to arrange for visas prior to departure. 

What is the type of motor-coach?  The motor-coach will normally have 48-52 seats. Rest stops are made every 1-2 hours for your comfort. 

What is the group size?  The average group size is between 25 and 35 persons.  Pilgrim does take as many as 40-44 persons on some occasions. 

What types of hotels are included?  Most hotels are 4 star or above according to local government standards.  This can be described as a better than average property with good standard of cleanliness and service.  Examples of hotel lists will be given out by our customer service agents on request. 
Hotel Comparison Chart

Are hairdryers available in hotels?  Hairdryers and irons are available at most hotels. 

What do I wear?  Casual, comfortable, wash and wear clothing.

Are laundry facilities available?  It will be possible to send out laundry on the first night of hotel stays with two or more nights, but costs are expensive. We suggest that you reuse items by spot washing and hanging clothes to dry while out on tour.

Can I be baptized on the tour?  This is possible at the Jordan River Baptismal Site. Baptisms are only allowed while wearing the special white robes, which can be rented or purchased on site. Swim suits must be worn under the robe. A baptismal kit, which includes the mandatory baptismal robes, a baptismal certificate, a towel and free entrance to the change facility and hot showers, is available for rent or purchase at the gift shop. The cost is $10 to rent or $25 to purchase the baptismal kit.

Should I go to Bethlehem?  Bethlehem is part of the Palestinian Territory and often requires that you change busses and guides at the check-point.   This does feel a bit uncomfortable for some and optional free time in Jerusalem is available for those who do not wish to go. 

What should I do about gratuities?  Pilgrim will add the minimum amount of Israel gratuities to your final invoice as noted in the "Tour Includes" section of the tour itinerary.  This tip money will be distributed by your guide.  Gratuities for other countries should be given to the appropriate tour manager/guide on the first sightseeing day in that country.

What to do about cell phones and emergency contact?  If you have a cell phone with international capabilities, contact your company for costs and to verify that it will work in the areas you are touring.  Cell phones are available at a very reasonable rate from our web site.
Emergency contact information is also included in your travel documents.

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