Van, “This truly was a blessed tour. It was exactly what we had wanted, and so much more. Thank you SO much for the hard work you put into making this an amazing trip and a reality for people like us. The trip was well-designed and covered so much of the Biblical sites and territory with many great vistas! Every day was amazing. We will be relishing it and making good use of it for a long time.”
Dale and Tammy S. - Springfield, Missouri - 2011 tour  - college professor

Van, “I would like to thank you for an outstanding 21 day experience. I am still thinking about all the things we did. Now I notice things more in the news, etc. when I hear Israel, Jordan or Egypt mentioned. It was a dream of mine to be able to take a trip like this. I will always remember it.” Phyllis S. - Houston, Texas - 2011 tour

Van, “Wow! What a great experience!! I can’t thank you enough. I want to sincerely thank you for all the hard work you put into making this such a special memory. It’s everything and more than I could have asked for. You took care of every aspect and I felt comfortable and safe. I learned a lot and feel that I got a good feel for what Moses experienced 3,500 years ago. I pray that God continues to bless you and your wife so you can continue to bless so many others on these trips. It obviously takes so much planning and preparation and God’s given you the desire and energy to do this. It’s fantastic! Thank you for being a great leader and giving me some of the best days of my life!! I look forward to another opportunity to join you once again, and I will definitely refer all my friends to you.”
Sherri B. - Seattle, Washington - 2010 tour

Van, “The whole trip was outstanding and the other tour members were great. We certainly appreciated how quickly we were integrated into the group. You are to be commended for all your efforts as tour leader.”
Stan & Judy C. - Tucson, Arizona - 2009 tour    
Van, “Thank you for the updated accomplished itinerary that you sent out, which I am enjoying and studying. I enjoyed the tour very much and appreciated your excellent leadership. Also, I thoroughly enjoyed the wonderful group of people that I had the pleasure of touring Jordan and Egypt with. The tour leader and people on the tour have so much to do with one’s overall enjoyment and this was a very special group of people.”  Joe M. - Aspen, Colorado - 2008 tour
Van, “Thanks so much for being the dedicated spiritual leader that you are. I reflect often on the things we did and saw, and I am making a memory book of the trip.”
Hank and Susan W. - San Diego, California - 2008 tour   

Van, “My thanks for your outstanding leadership of the tour. It definitely exceeded our expectations. I am appreciating the planning even more as I reflect on all that we did. It was obvious that hundreds of hours of preparation had to go into a tour like we had. Every day’s schedule was planned to maximize the time and was well designed. The Bible background was very complete. Every site was tied to the relevant Bible passages. We did see every one of the intended sights and many places that other tours never get to. We are reading through the detailed accomplished itinerary you sent out after the tour was over and are reliving the trip. I do not know how you did it as I never saw you writing things down.” 
Dr. Paul & Jani L. - Longview, Texas - 2009 tour - college professor    

Van, “Wow, what a trip. This was a fantastic experience that we will always remember. We thank you for a wonderful pilgrimage where the Exodus of God’s children took place. The trip was all, plus more than we expected. Thank you for your accomplished itinerary on Jordan and Egypt. What a lot of work. It cleared up some questions we had with our pictures and notes. We still ask each other, ‘Did we really do all this?’ We will never forget this trip. Thank you for all your work before, during, and after.“ 
Ken and Jo Ann M. - Sioux Falls, South Dakota - 2008 tour
Van, “Both of us wanted to express our sincere appreciation for the excellent job you did in directing our tour. We really enjoyed all the sites you selected since each one was so prominent in our Biblical history. Thanks for the extra effort of providing a detailed itinerary at the end. We are showing our trip to our Sunday School class and they seem to really enjoy seeing the outstanding sites that we were privileged to see. We will not hesitate to recommend your tour to our friends.” 
Art & Ruth D., - Fort Worth, Texas - 2008 tour
Van, “I can’t adequately express our appreciation for the detailed accomplished itinerary. It has been invaluable determining the where and when of our hundreds of pictures. The pilgrimage was awesome, and we are so blessed for the opportunity to be a part of it.”  Don and Anita A. - Paducah, Kentucky - 2009 tour

Van, “We are unable to express in words all the feelings received from the pilgrimage to the Holy Land. It has truly changed our lives. What an inspirational experience. It was so rewarding because of your hard work and well laid out plans, along with much prayer that made it so. Thank you for the wonderful detailed summary you sent out afterward of our Jordan and Egypt trip. From the bottom of our hearts we say thanks to you.” 
Roy & Betty D. - Tampa, Florida - 2008
Van, “We want to express our heartfelt thanks and deep appreciation for providing us with the trip of a lifetime. The Bible does take on a new perspective as we read or hear about a place and we can say we remember that because we were there. The trip summaries you have provided are amazing and so helpful as we sort our photos and recall our great adventure. Thank you so much for your hard work and dedication.” 
Gerry & Joanne M. - Phoenix, Arizona - 2008
Van, “Thank you for a wonderful trip. We enjoyed every moment of every day and will always have special memories of our experience. We learned a great deal which will better coalesce as we review our notes and pictures.”
Joe & Esther D. - Greenville, North Carolina - 2009          

Van, “Thank you so much. This was the trip of a lifetime. Will is already using the trip in a Bible study class and will be doing a special presentation at our church. It is greatly appreciated for your accomplished itinerary. We really enjoyed this trip.” 
Will & Rita L. - Chicago, Illinois - 2008        

Van, “We would like to thank you for sending out the detailed accomplished itinerary after returning home. You are a true master of the Bible and of history.” 
Sorin and Simona M. - Los Angeles, California - 2009

Van, “Thank you for all your time and effort in planning and doing this memorable tour. I so appreciate it.”
Lamay H. - Santa Barbara, California - 2009  
Van, “What a gift you have given us. I really appreciated the tour and completed itinerary you sent us afterward. Thanks so much.”
Pastor Ed G. - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - 2007

Van, “We just wanted to thank you for a great trip. We looked at our pictures last night and remembered what an awesome time we had.” 
Mark & Deb H. - Lansing, Michigan - 2007

Van, “The trip was great. It was the best tour we have ever been on.” 
Charles & Bonnie H. - Houston, Texas - 2008

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