Recommended Reading for Israel Tours




"The Sacred Journey" by Pastor Scott Fenton
The Sacred Journey book provides a unique experience of the Holy Land for the interested Bible student whether within the ancient walls of Jerusalem, or the four walls of one's own study. The innovative approach combines the scope of a concordance; the detail of a Bible dictionary; the perspective of an atlas; the adventure of a travelogue; and the inspiration of a devotional book.


"How to Walk in the Footsteps of Jesus and the Prophets" by Hela Crown-Tamir

A Scriptural Reference Guide for Biblical Sites in Israel & Jordan.

"Israel History in a Nutshell" by Hela Crown-Tamir
Hela is also a wonderful tour guide. She hosts many Pilgrim Tours per year. This book takes you through the events of more than 2,000 years and prepares you for the miracle of ther restoration of the country of Israel.

"A Study Guide of Israel, Historical & Geographical" by Arnold Fruchtenbaum

This comprehensive reference guide will illuminate your understanding of the Old Testament and the gospels through examining virtually every place in Israel in relation to biblical events and themes and studying Jewish history, especially the history of the State of Israel.






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