Apostle Paul

If we were to trace all of Paul’s life we would have to traverse the entire middle east!!  However, the most significant part of his ministry was in the areas we will visit.  For instance, it is so important to us that the Holy Spirit directed Paul and his companions to Europe instead of Asia.  We will trace his footsteps though Greece.  I especially love to sit on Mars Hill overlooking the ancient “agora”, or market place of Athens, on the one hand and the ruins on the acropolis on the other.  I trust that we will be able to read Paul’s discussions with the philosophers while we are there and his marvelous message to them and us.

Then there is Corinth.  When I think of this ancient city I must think of Paul having spent extended time there.  It was here he met Aquilla and Priscilla and worked with them in the tent making business to support his ministry.  We will even see the remains of some of the shops and wonder if one of these was Aquilla’s.  We will also stand before the same judgment seat (bema) that Paul stood before as he made his defense of the gospel in that pagan city.  We will lift up our eyes and see the remains of the Corinthian acropolis where there are remains of ancient temples dedicated to pagan gods and where over 1200 religious prostitutes plied their trade.  Corinth was an evil seaport city but it was visited by the Grace of God and two of our very important epistles of the New Testament were directed to this diverse multi-cultural worldly city.