Are Non-Protestants/Non-Evangelicals welcome to join this tour?


Because Pilgrim advertises primarily in media that relates to Evangelical, Anabaptist or Protestant circles, the vast majority of our public tours are filled with this type.

Every one is welcome, but not everyone will enjoy this tour in the same way.  Although we do stop at many sites that are considered Holy Sites to some non-Protestants, we do not visit them in the same way and, because of this, some persons will not be satisfied with this schedule.  As you read through our itinerary, you will see that we do have devotional times at many of the sites, but we rarely spend time in the churches.  The building may be of interest because of its beauty or architecture, but it has no spiritual significance to the guide and Pastor assigned to this tour and we cannot wait for persons who wish to take additional time here for religious practices.

We certainly respect the freedom to worship the way that one believes and we hope that all will understand that this position is important to the smooth operation of the tour itinerary. 

Thank you.

David M. Nyce
President/Pilgrim Tours