Dear Fellow Pilgrim,

Yes, we have continued to operate our tours! 

All of our tours over the past 20 years have returned without a hitch and the souls   that went were blessed beyond measure.   Everyone has been stirred in their commitment to Christ and not once has anyone felt threatened or in danger.

If you are praying for peace in Israel, we do believe that to be Biblical, although we do not expect the situation there to improve until our Lord is on the throne here on Earth.  Please, do not make a reservation with us based on the hopes of a calm future. If you are interested in the special blessings only available in Israel, we will take you there and most probably without a hint of trouble.  Our expert driver and guide will keep you from areas that could present a problem and treat you to the riches of Israel as a special guest. 

We look forward to serving you.


David M. Nyce
President/Pilgrim Tours

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