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Price Per person double occupancy

Date Price Single
Israel Only
April 24-May 4, 2022
$3,629* $1,025
Jordan Extension
May 4-8, 2022
$909* $270
*Includes roundtrip airfare from Orlando.

Reservation Due: January 14, 2022
Final Payment Due: February 24, 2022


Roundtrip airfare from Orlando including current air taxes and fuel surcharges, 9 or 13 nights lodging at 4 star hotels, breakfast and dinner daily, full time English speaking tour escorts, services of air conditioned deluxe motor coach, all guides, entrances, touring and transportation as appears on itinerary, baggage handling at hotels (one piece), tips to driver, guides, and hotel staff, Whisper headsets in Israel (not allowed in Jordan), Jordan Visa and border taxes

Not Included

All lunches, optional travel insurance (7.6% or 10.25% of tour cost), COVID testing and any related expenses

April 24: Departure

Take an overnight flight from Orlando.

April 25: Airport, Caesarea, Mt. Carmel, Tiberias

Arrive into the Tel Aviv airport this morning. We’ll meet our tour guide and travel by private motor coach along the coast of the Mediterranean Sea to Caesarea, where Gentiles first heard the Good News from Peter and were baptized. We’ll see the Roman theater and hippodrome, a film on the history and remains of this famous port city, the aqueduct, and then we journey on to Mt. Carmel, where Elijah challenged King Ahab and the prophets of Baal. Then we travel to our hotel for the next three nights in Tiberias on the Sea of Galilee, where we will have dinner, perhaps a walk to town, and a good night’s sleep.

April 26: Megiddo, Cana of Galilee, Nazareth

There is nothing quite like watching a sunrise over the Sea of Galilee from our hotel! We will travel through the Jezreel Valley (with a stop at Jezreel) to Tel Megiddo, the battlefield of Armageddon, where archaeologists have unearthed 20 levels of civilization. We will visit Cana and renew wedding vows there, then to Nazareth, the boyhood home of Jesus, where we will visit the ancient Synagogue Church, standing where Jesus stood as he delivered His message of Isaiah 61. Then to Mt. Precipice, from where they wanted to throw Jesus to His death, but He walked through the crowd to continue his ministry.

April 27: Tel Dan, Caesarea Philippi, Mt. Of Beatitudes, Capernaum, Tabgha, Sea of Galilee Cruise

After breakfast we travel north to Tel Dan where we see the altar and throne of Jeroboam and the Canaanite gate dating back to Abraham. Then to Caesarea Philippi, where Peter made the Good Confession; After this, we visit the Mt. of Beatitudes, with time for reflection on Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount. From here we make our way to Capernaum, the adult home of Jesus, then Tabgha with its ancient boat dock and famous Loaves and Fishes mosaic. After some shopping, we board a wooden “Jesus Boat” for an inspiring ride on the Sea of Galilee. Tonight we will have dinner and overnight in Tiberias.

April 28: Jordan River Baptism, Beth Shean, Jericho, the Dead Sea

Today we begin by traveling to the Jordan River where you may be baptized, as Jesus was by John. As we leave the Galilee, we’ll visit Tel Beth Shean, a significant OT site and the largest and best preserved Roman city in all Israel. The next site is Tel Jericho, where Joshua defeated their inhabitants as the walls fell flat. We then proceed to our hotel in time for a float on the Dead Sea, dinner and overnight.

April 29: Masada, Ein Gedi, Qumran, the Jericho Road

ur day begins with a cable car ride to the mountain top fortress of Masada. Here our guide will treat us to the history of the famous stand of the Zealots. Afterwards we proceed to Ein Gedi, "Spring of the Goat," an oasis on the western shore of the Dead Sea. Because of its warm climate and abundant supply of water, the site developed a reputation for its fragrant plants and date palm groves. This is where King David hid from Saul, and where God defeated the enemies of Judah by praise and worship led by King Jehoshaphat. Next, we visit the site of Qumran and the caves where the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered. Before heading for Jerusalem, we will view and walk on the Jericho Road of Jesus’ day. Then, up to Jerusalem and our first view of this splendorous city, where our lodging will be for the next five nights.

April 30: Jesus' Steps, the Last Days

Conditions permitting we will visit the Temple Mount, with commentary on the Temple Periods, and the variety of belief systems past and present that make this area so valuable. Then we walk where Jesus walked, beginning with a panoramic view of the city, Mount Moriah and the Dome of the Rock from atop the Mount of Olives, and then the Garden of Gethsemane.. After we view and ponder the ancient olive trees in Gethsemane, we enter the Old City and walk along the Via Dolorosa - the Way of Sorrows - where we are reminded of Jesus’ suffering on the way to Calvary. We then enter the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, which encompasses the traditional - and most-likely authentic -sites of Jesus’ death, burial, and resurrection. We’ll marvel as we sing in St. Anne’s Church, then visit the nearby Pool of Bethesda, where Jesus healed a lame man. Next we visit the House of Caiaphas where Jesus was tried, beaten and mocked. We will actually enter a pit where he was probably held for the night. We will see and set foot on the ancient hillside steps Jesus walked as he was taken to be condemned. On our way into the city we will visit the Southern Wall excavations. This side of the Temple was the main entrance for the common folk - and Jesus. We will walk as Jesus walked on these giant stairs which led to the Temple, and we’ll view the many purification pools at the site. From here Jesus entered the Temple and drove out the vendors and money changers who were exploiting the people. It is also likely that this is the place where Peter stood and first preached the Gospel, and 3000 were baptized on the Day of Pentecost - the Birthday of the Church! Next we visit the Western Wall (aka Wailing Wall) and then the fascinating Rabbinical Tunnel, leading us to the base of the Second Temple. The tunnel and exhibit give a clear understanding of the amazing construction of the Temple, its giant stones, water supply, and Roman street where our Lord was led to judgment. Before exiting the tunnel we see the huge cornerstone “rejected by the builders,” as Jesus quoted this prophecy of Himself. We move on to the Judgment Hall of Pilate and hear the cries of those who conspired against Jesus, and we are reminded of His brutal flogging and humiliation.

May 1: Jerusalem: City of David, Hezekiah's Tunnel, Jewish Quarter

This morning, our guide will take us to an overview of the city from the hillside overlooking Jerusalem and the Gehenna Valley. This meaningful teaching time will bring together the many things that you have seen to date. We continue our sightseeing just outside the Dung Gate on the southeastern hill below the Temple Mount in the City of David. It was during the time of Solomon that the city limits extended past this part of Jerusalem. We visit Gihon Springs, the original water source for Jerusalem, view new excavations including a typical Israelite four-room house, and the lower city wall. A highlight today will be a walk through the incredible Hezekiah's Tunnel to the pool of Siloam, the place of Jesus' miracle in John 9. We will see a wall built by King Hezekiah and walk on the Roman Cardo. The rest of our day is at Mt. Zion to see David’s Tomb, visit the Upper Room and the first Church Grotto. We then walk to visit David’s Citadel and go inside to climb the tower for a view of Old Jerusalem and to see the remains of Herod’s palace and possible place of Pilate’s trial of Jesus. Important Note: Although the itinerary above obviously emphasizes the spiritual aspect of this marvelous country, our guides are also experts in and passionate about the miraculous return of the Jews and restoration of the state of Israel. This fact, along with many modern day topics (military, politics, education, and other cultural aspects), will be woven into the commentary in order to give you well-rounded information.

May 2: Garden Tomb, Israel Museum & Holocaust Museum

Our highlight of this day is the Garden Tomb, thought to be another possible site of Jesus’ death, burial, and resurrection. We will view the Place of the Skull (Golgotha), a nearby working garden, and an empty tomb and take time for some singing and a peaceful reminder of those events of Easter-time. We will drive to the Israel Museum where the Model City is located (1:50 scale model of Jerusalem as it would have appeared in Jesus' time), followed by the Shrine of the Book, where the Dead Sea Scrolls are displayed. We conclude our day with a visit to Yad Vashem, the Holocaust Memorial, for a needful reminder of the struggles and affliction of the Jewish people. We will drive by and view the Knesset. After dinner at our hotel we will have a restful evening, though we can opt for an evening walk to a modern shopping mall in the Old City.

May 3: Bethlehem, Valley of Elah, Jaffa

We remember the birth of Christ with a visit to Bethlehem to see the Church of the Nativity and the shepherd’s fields. We continue our sightseeing with a drive to the Valley of Elah where David defeated Goliath. We then make our way to Hebron to visit the Cave of the Patriarchs. Return to the hotel in Jerusalem.

May 4: Home

Transfer to the Tel Aviv airport for the flight home.

Jordan Extension
May 4:

Transfer from Jerusalem to border to cross into Jordan. We travel to Jerash, one of the best preserved and most complete provincial Roman cities. Jerash, Gerasa of Roman Times, was one of the cities of the Decapolis, a confederation of 10 Graeco-Roman cities dating from the 1st century BC situated in Jordan, Syria and Israel. Known as the Pompeii of the East for its extraordinary state of preservation, the ruins indicate human occupations at this location for more than 2,500 years. Continue to Amman where we have a guided tour of the Citadel and Roman Amphitheater. Overnight in Amman.

May 5:

Transfer to Petra this morning. Today we visit the amazing mountain fortress of Petra, known to be inhabited by the Edomites - the descendants of Esau. Begin the tour with a walk through the "Siq," an immense crack in the Nabatean sandstone, to the city of Petra carved out of the rose red rock. The Treasury, El Khazneh, is one of the most elegant remains of antiquity. Beyond El Khazneh we are surrounded on both sides by hundreds of Petra's carved and built structures. Overnight in Petra.

May 6:

Our first stop today will be at the hilltop palace/fortress of Machaerus, where John the Baptist was beheaded. Continue to the Dead Sea to see the Jordan side of the site where Jesus was baptized. Next we arrive in the town of Madaba, the biblical Medeba. Madaba is best known for its Byzantine and Umayyad mosaics and at the Greek Orthodox Church of St. George we view the earliest surviving mosaic map of the Holy land. Continue to Mt. Nebo, believed to be the site of the tomb of Moses. This site commands a spectacular view across the Jordan Valley and the Dead Sea. Study the panorama as we read the scripture of God showing Moses the "Promised Land" before He brought him home to heaven. Overnight in Amman.

May 7:

Cross back from Jordan to Israel. Transfer to Jerusalem. Visit to Bible Lands Museum whose aim is to put the various people of the Bible into historical context. There will be free time in old city of Jerusalem to explore on your own or simply rest. Overnight in Jerusalem.

May 8:

Transfer to Tel Aviv airport.

Itinerary subject to change while touring for the best interest of the group.