While each trip to the Holy Land that Jeannie and I have been privileged to host over the past thirty years is always extraordinary, there is a feverish ray of excitement and eagerness about this particular upcoming November 2018 trip to ISRAEL and GREECE. Since the very first trip we made to the Land of the Bible, our lives have never been the same!

As we begin our time together, we will spend 3 incredible days in ATHENS, GREECE. Yes! The very place where the Apostle Paul walked and taught. Walking through the Acropolis, the Parthenon, before viewing Athens atop Mars Hill, will leave a person breathless! Indeed, there is so much to see while we are in ATHENS!

Then with great anticipation we journey on to ISRAEL! According to the Christian Broadcasting Network, (Pat Robertson) the year of 2017 was a record-breaking tourist count for visitors traveling to the Holy Land, with over 3.6 -million-tourists coming from the United States, as being the highest, followed by Russia, France, Germany, China, and the U.K. That is 700,000 more visitors than the year of 2016. Some 54% of 2017 tourists to Israel were Christians! Besides gaining new tourists, Israel also increased its number of return visitors, with 41% of tourists being repeat travelers who have visited the Holy Land two, three, and more times. This is no surprise considering 91% of tourists ranked their trip to Israel as very good or excellent.

Because of our many times in the Holy Land, you will be afforded the opportunity of visiting sights where many never have opportunity of visiting. Most importantly, we will visit the locations where ‘Jesus walked, taught, performed miracles, and where He was crucified and raised from the dead’. In fact, we will visit the Garden where you will experience the ‘awesome’ understanding that the tomb is still empty “…for He is risen”! (Matt. 28:6)

Jeannie and I so desire you to travel with us. Please read each day’s schedule which describes the details, then fill out the reservation form and send it with your deposit check made payable to Pilgrim Tours. This will be the beginning of a tremendous journey and fulfilling dimension of your life.

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Day 1: Departure

Our life-changing journey begins this evening as we board our overnight flight to Athens.

Day 2: Arrive in Athens
We arrive in Athens, check into our hotel, and have the remainder of the day as we take a stroll along the streets of Athens to enjoy the flavor of the city. This evening our group will enjoy the first of many delectable European style dinners. Our lodging is in Athens for the next three evenings.

Day 3: Corinth & Mycenae
Following breakfast this morning we travel west with a rest stop and photos at the Corinth Canal. We then travel to the ancient city of Corinth, another treat for the New Testament scholar. Corinth is the city that inspired many of Paul’s most familiar letters. See the Archaeological Museum, the Market Place, the Bema, and the Temples. Here we’ll have teaching in the midst of the ruins of the church of Corinth. We will see the pillars, steps and public worship place where Paul preached enhancing your understanding and love of I & II Corinthians. The ruins of this important cultural center are fascinating as we walk along the stone path that the Apostle Paul walked. The engineering skill and intellect of these people are evident in the water systems that still flow from ancient to modern day. Our guide will be sure to show us the room dedicated to the medical care of that period. After the visit to ancient Corinth we travel to Mycenae where the remains of the ancient city date back to the Bronze Age to see the famous Lionesse Gate, the Tomb of Agamemnon in the shape of a Beehive, and many other sites before we return east to our hotel in Athens for dinner.

Day 4: Athens
Following breakfast this morning we tour Athens, the foundation of democracy. We visit the Acropolis, the Parthenon, and Erectheum before viewing Athens atop Mars Hill where Paul stood and preached the Gospel to the Gentile nation. From atop Mars Hill we view the Agora below, the ancient market place and center of Athenian public life. Additional sites viewed during our panoramic bus tour are, the House of Parliament, the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, Olympic Stadium, and Presidential Palace. Later this afternoon we’ll visit the famous Plaka with a multitude of shops and cafes.

Day 5: Israel, Joppa
We depart our Athens hotel this morning for our flight to Tel Aviv, Israel. After passing through customs and meeting our Israeli guide we travel to the Tel Aviv suburb of Joppa. Here we visit Simon the Tanners home and the ancient port area where Jonah sailed from; and continue our travels north to our hotel in Netanya where you can walk along the Mediterranean, relax and have dinner. We will come together for some important tips for our next days together in Israel.

Day 6: Caesarea, Megiddo, Mt. Carmel, Nazareth
Today we pass through the fast growing towns and farms of the Plain of Sharon en-route to Caesarea, site of major events in the lives of Peter and Paul. We then proceed to Acco (Acre) and visit the crusader fortress. It’s on to Megiddo, the prophesied site of Armageddon. Archaeological digs reveal 20 layers of civilization, including fortifications of King Solomon and the water tunnel of King Ahab, Megiddo provides a magnificent view of the Jezreel Valley, the crossroads of the ancient Via Maris. We drive through the Jezreel Valley and visit Mt. Carmel, the place where Elijah slew the prophets of Baal. We continue through the rolling hills of the Galilee to Nazareth, site of Mary’s Well, and Cana, site of Jesus’ first miracle. Also we visit the Nazareth Village, an accurate, full-scale recreation of the first-century Nazareth, including homes, storage caves and a synagogue and fields farmed by Nazareth villagers at the time of Jesus. We will have dinner and overnight at our hotel in Tiberias.

Day 7: Sea of Galilee, Capernaum, Jordan River Baptism
This day alone is worth the trip! We are now literally walking in the footsteps of Jesus. We will take a memorable boat ride on the Sea of Galilee in a replica of the ancient wooden boat used in Jesus’ day. We will see an ancient boat believed to be from Jesus’ time found in the Sea of Galilee in 1986. Then it’s on to old Capernaum to the ancient synagogue; and to the site of the Multiplication of the Loaves and Fishes (Tabgha), the Sermon on the Mount and the Mount of Beatitudes. Water Baptism available for those that desire at the Jordan River. Dinner and overnight in Tiberias.

Day 8: Northern Galilee
Today we will journey to Hazor originally conquered by Joshua in the 13th C.B.C. King Solomon began reconstruction here and King Ahab erected a magnificent palace here as well. We also visit Tel Dan. In the afternoon we journey north to Caesarea Philippi (Banias Spring) where Peter confessed, “You are the Christ, the Son of the Living God.” (Matthew 16:16) We return to our hotel in Tiberias for dinner and overnight.

Day 9: Beit Shean, Gideon’s Spring, Bethlehem, Jerusalem
Today we drive along the Jordan Valley to Beit She’an to see the excavations taking place at this ancient Roman Decapolis city. We stop at Gideon’s Spring where Gideon selected his soldiers to do battle against the Midianites. We continue driving south to the City of Jericho, the oldest known walled city, for a view of the Mt. of Temptation and Mt. Nebo, from where Moses looked upon the Holy land. It’s now time to “GO UP” to Jerusalem. We will enter the city as pilgrims did since ancient times to fulfill the words of the prophet “I was glad when they said unto me: ‘Our feet shall stand with thy Gates, O Jerusalem’.” (Psalm 122:1-2) We will visit Bethlehem and see Manger Square, the Church of the Nativity, view Shepherds’ Fields and the Fields of Boaz and Ruth. Dinner and overnight at our hotel in Jerusalem.

Day 10: Masada, Ein Gedi, Qumran
Today we depart for Masada, overlooking the dead Sea, the lowest spot on Earth where we ascend by cable car to visit the remnants of Herod’s Palace and where in 73 A.D. the Zealots made their last stand against the might of Rome. We’ll visit and walk in Ein Gedi, Spring of David, and then to Qumran where the Dead Sea Scrolls were found in 1947. Dinner and overnight in Jerusalem.

Day 11: Jerusalem
We begin the day with the magnificent view of the Old City from the top of the Mt. of Olives, taking the “Palm Sunday Walk” to the Garden of Gethsemane, the Church of All Nations and drive across the Kidron Valley. Entering the Old City through St. Stephen’s Gate (Lion’s Gate) we will visit the Church of St. Anne and the Pool of Bethesda, Pilate’s Judgment Hall, and the Ecce Homo Arch. We’ll walk along the Via Dolorosa, into the Christian Quarter, and see some of the stations of the Cross, and visit the Church of the Holy Sepulcher. Then it’s on to Mt. Zion to see the House of Caiaphas and the Upper Room of the Last Supper. Dinner and overnight in Jerusalem.

Day 12: Jerusalem
Today we begin our final day in Jerusalem with a visit to the Jewish Quarter, walking through the Cardo, the original Roman street and see the amazing remains of the massive wall built by King Hezekiah. We will see the important excavations taking place at the Western Wall and the Southern Temple Staircase. Also today we visit the City of David (or the Ophel) which was the Jebusite city that David conquered. Then on to the Temple Mount, where Abraham was to sacrifice Isaac. We will see the Dome of the Rock (an al-Aqsa Mosque) that now stands there. On to Golgotha (Gordon’s Calvary) and ‘The Empty Garden Tomb’. A special time for worship, communion and reflection, which will be a memorable experience for us all. This evening will be our Israel farewell dinner and evening in Jerusalem.

Day 13: Home
Transfer to the Tel Aviv airport for the flight home.

Itinerary subject to change while touring for the best interest of the group.

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