Sunday, June 29: Depart USA
We depart this afternoon for our overnight flight to London. Sit back, get some rest and enjoy the in-flight service. Tomorrow we’ll be exploring England and learning much about our English Bible History.

Monday, June 30: Arrive in London
Arrive in London in the early morning with a prayer of thanks for a wonderful flight and a prayer the Holy Spirit will bless our trip. We will return to London in a few days, but now we head for Oxford University, with its famed "dreaming spires," founded in the 12th century and still dominating the center of the city. We will meet this afternoon Rev. David Ireson, Church of England minister with post-graduate work at Oxford. He will lead us on a tour of Merton and Hertford, Wycliffe and Tyndale's colleges. We end in Hertford College Chapel to see the beautiful Tyndale window and hear of its meaning. Then have a seat in the chapel as Rev. Ireson offers us an illustrated presentation on the Reformation, Wycliffe and Tyndale.

Tuesday, July 1: Gloucestershire
Be refreshed as we travel today in the beautiful Gloucestershire Cotswolds with its scenic countryside cottages, magnificent historic castles like the 840 year old Berkeley Castle, and the vale of the River Severn. The Tyndale families were prominent in this beautiful farming area. Young Tyndale went to the Lady Katharine Berkeley Grammar school, and after college returned to be Chaplain to Sir John and Lady Ann Walsh at Little Sodbury Manor, tutor their children, preach, study, and undoubtedly begin his translation of the New Testament from the Greek. Dr. Ralph Werrell, long time Tyndale researcher and author of Tyndale's theology will lead us in this very special day.

Wednesday, July 2: Oxford
Back in Oxford in the AM we have the extraordinary opportunity to hear and converse with Dr. Ralph S. Werrell on the pure Scripture theology of William Tyndale. Dr. Werrell will enrich our understanding of the English Reformation. Be assured that reading his books, The Theology of William Tyndale, The Roots of Tyndale’s Theology, and The Blood of Christ in the Theology of William Tyndale will enrich both our knowledge and prayer life. In the PM our own Dr. David Davis will introduce us to the study opportunities of the Bodleian Library with its incredible storehouse of Wycliffe manuscripts and treasured volumes. Lisa Davis will lead us on a tour of the City and we will have dinner in town.

Thursday, July 3: Cambridge
What all awaits us in Cambridge? Maybe we will solve the question of Tydale's mystery years of c.1519-21! At White Horse Inn nicknamed Little Germany did he speak with other Reformers like Thomas Cranmer, Hugh Latimer, Robert Barnes and Thomas Bilney? Did the company include at times Stephen Gardiner, Miles Coverdale, Matthew Parker, John Rogers, Nicholas Shaxton, and John Bale? The great Greek scholar Erasmus' influence was still very strong at Cambridge; Did Tyndale absorb his time studying Erasmus' Greek New Testament? We can tell you that we will meet with Dr. Peter Williams, Warden of Tyndale House. He will speak to some of these questions as well as share with us what study at this international center loyal to the historic Christian faith can mean for Biblical researchers today. Ah yes, lunch in a pub, perhaps to have a plowman's lunch! In the PM we have the extraordinary opportunity to be admitted to Parker Library and see some of the great treasures like the oldest known illuminated Latin manuscript Gospel dated to the 6th century and an exhibit of important Reformation books, led by Dr. Christopher de Hamel. Returning from Cambridge, we travel to our London hotel!

Friday, July 4: London
We leave Copthorne Tara Hotel at 9:30 to meet Brian Buxton at St. Paul's Cathedral for a walking tour of Reformer sites. Brian is a retired teacher, researcher of many Tyndale topics, and often guides interested groups on highlights of these sites. Lunch at "Crypt Cafe." Then to St. Paul's, the site of burning of Tyndale's Bibles followed by the almost unheard of visit to St. Paul's Library with many Reformation treasures and yes, Tyndale's 1526 New Testament! Near St Paul is the Bishop of London’s palace where Tyndale sought approval in 1522 from Cuthbert Tunstall to translate the Bible into English. Late afternoon brings us to Lambeth Palace, London residence of the Archbishop. Here in Lambeth Palace, Mary Clow, President of The Tyndale Society, has graciously made arrangements to host us with a reception with Tyndale Society members and one of the Lambeth Librarians will show us some of the special Reformation volumes contained in this famous library.

Saturday, July 5: British Museum
Today we explore the British Museum with Dr. David Davis. Saturday is not a day to travel the streets of London, but traveling through the treasures in the British Museum can be quite an awesome experience.

Sunday, July 6: London
Coach to Embankment Gardens to see William Tyndale statue accurately shown in academic robes, and leaning on a printing press. We walk one block to Westminster Pier to board Thames River boat for cruise to view Shakespeare's Globe theatre, St Paul's cathedral, the 'Steelyards' where German merchants smuggled in Tyndale's Bibles and Luther's forbidden books, getting off at the Tower of London. Tour, learn and grab a sandwich for lunch. Board and return to Westminster Pier in the shadow of Big Ben, walk past the House of Parliament, view the statue of Oliver Cromwell, and enter Westminster Abbey to be in place for 3 pm Evensong. This is an historic service sung daily by the boys' choir exactly as written by Thomas Cranmer, the first Protestant Archbishop. ­­­­Return by Coach going past Buckingham Palace to our hotel.

Monday, July 7: Return Home
We transfer to the London airport in time for our return flight home.


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