Athens, Greece

Sitting on a hill looming over the city, the Acropolis remains a testament to the "glory that was Greece." You'll have plenty of time to explore the perfectly proportioned Parthenon, which looks out over the graceful Temple of Athena Nike, and the old city. By night head for one of the lively tavernas in the Plaka for an evening of bouzouki music and moussaka.

Mykonos, Greece

Sunlight, stone and azure sea create the striking panoramas of the Cyclades. Although it has a church for every day of the year, there's more revelry than reverence on this island of windmills and whitewashed towns. Ritzy, whitewashed Mykonos is alive with bars and boutiques, and upscale chic. Explore narrow alleys where pirates once cavorted with wine, women and song. See the famous windmills and elegant boutiques. Then sip ouzo in a café along the yacht-filled harbor.

Corfu, Greece

Rich with orange and olive groves, this picturesque Greek isle is a favorite of the international jet set. In ancient times, Corfu's fleet provided Odysseus with an escort on the final leg of his journey home to Ithaca. The island precipitated the Peloponnesian War, and has been a prize coveted by mari-time powers ever since. The Old Town is filled with colorful shops and lovely arcades.

Delos, Greece

Sunlight, stone and azure sea create the striking panoramas of the Cyclades. Delos, birthplace of Apollo and Artemis, and the hub of Aegean culture for over a millennium, is a tiny, waterless atoll that for some 1,000 years was the religious and commercial center of the Aegean. Delos is today inhabited by only an eerie collection of fallen ruins. See the story unfold among these ancient ruins guarded by the Avenue of the Lions.

Santorini, Greece

Be out on deck early for one of the Aegean's most memorable sights, the Bay of Santorini, where white cubic houses cling to ochre cliffs towering a thousand feet over this flooded caldera. Then you can ride a donkey to Thera, or ascend by more conventional means. How about an excursion in search of the Lost City of Atlantis?