Punta Arenas, Chile

This port is on the Strait of Magellan, which is named after the explorer who sailed these waters in 1520. Today, it is the commercial center of southern Chile, although still closely tied to the legend of the great explorer. Local custom holds that visitors who rub the foot of the Magellan statue in the central Plaza de Armas will have good luck -- and return once again.

Puerto Chacabuco, Chile

With sculptured icebergs, soaring fjords and Andean peaks, Chilean Patagonia is spectacular. The bird species include black-necked swans and the nearly extinct giant condor. From the fishing village of Puerto Chacabuco, you can visit the area capital, Coihaique, and beautiful Reserva Nacional Rio Simpson.

Puerto Montt, Chile

Puerto Montt is our gateway to Chile's lake district, a land of green rapids, waterfalls and magnificent scenery. Lake Llanquihue is surrounded by majestic volcanoes, including the Osomo, which is often compared to Mt. Fuji. The Osomo towers over Lake Todos Los Santos which is often called Esmeralda because of its emerald waters.

Valparaiso (Santiago), Chile

Located on a 1,706-foot plateau, with the Andes as a grand backdrop, Santiago blends 18th and 19th century buildings, sleek skyscrapers and Spanish colonial cathedrals. Chile is famous for producing lapis lazuli, wicker and fine wines from area vineyards.

Coquimbo, Chile

Rumor holds that Sir Francis Drake hid treasure in the caves outside Coquimbo, port to the Spanish-colonial city of La Serena. Both cities are favorite Chilean resorts, famous for their beaches, seafood and surrounding vineyards.