"Robert Raikes"
Robert Raikes is the father of the modern Sunday School movement.  He had some innovative ideas developed in order to use Sunday School to change churches.  Born in 1735, Raikes grew to become a Christian businessman who lived in Gloucester, England.  He was printer and publisher of The Gloucester Journal.
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As Raikes began to build the first Sunday School in 1780, he faced great opposition:

1.  His greatest opposition came from the church, because they thought Sunday School was breaking the Sabbath.

2.  His opposition from the aristocrats because he wanted to educate the masses...the aristocrats wanted to keep the masses ignorant.

3.  Many called Sunday School an evil institution and an instrument of the devil.

4.  Most interesting is the fact that Raikes paid teachers and the children in order to start Sunday Schools.

The basics of Raikes Sunday School:

*  General education was the cornerstone.

*   The Sunday School received popular acceptance and continued to grow.

*  The Sunday School stuided the Bible directly.

*  The Sunday School was evangelistic.