"Castle Church"
Lutherstadt Wittenberg
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Castle Church View from the West

The Castle and All Saints Church were built by Frederick the Wise between 1490 and 1511. The Church comprises the third wing of the structure. In 1892 one of the castle towers was remodeled and made into the spire of the church. The Castle Church was known both for its artistic interior and for Frederick the Wise's unique collection of relics. Beginning in 1507, the Church also served as the University chapel. During the Seven Years' War, in 1760, the Church was destroyed by fire and was rebuilt in 1892 as a Monument to the Reformation.

Theses door The Door upon which Luther posted the 95 theses

In this spot a wooden door once served as the university's bulletin board. On October 31, 1517, an Augustinian priest, Dr. Martin Luther, used this board to post his 95 theses which called for a dispute on the state of the Church. And thus began the Reformation. The original door was lost in the fire of 1760. King Friedrich Wilhelm IV of Prussian had the door replaced with a bronze door upon which the 95 theses are inscribed. The painting above the door depicts Luther with the German Bible on the right and Melanchthon with the Augsburg Confession on the left. One sees the city of Wittenberg in the background.