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"The Pilgrim Concept"


From the hearts of 
David and Wanda Nyce,
owners of 
Pilgrim Tours.

 What kind of Pilgrims are we?

Are God's promises alive? Are we fully persuaded to embrace them? Do we confess that we are strangers and "Pilgrims" on this temporary journey we call life? This tour is not only designed to encourage you toward this goal, but it is also designed to lead others to their need to surrender to this as reality in the purpose of man. We challenge you to bring others who need a closer walk. Bring others who need the Lord.

When you return you will see things from a completely different perspective. The scenic beauty, stimulating culture and bountiful history of Israel is outdone by the spiritual insight given at every turn. Not only will the scriptures jump out at you and become alive, but the "Pilgrim Concept" will add victory and passion to your faith.

This tour is not a pilgrimage for spiritual position and/or heavenly gain. Our entire life should be a pilgrimage based on a position already established by our total submission to Christ and what He did for us on the cross.

Are you fully submitted to the Savior? Do you daily realize the victory of miraculous living that God has in store for those who fully trust in Him?

This tour is designed to help you and your friends have a successful, fulfilling,
victorious and passionate Pilgrim Journey.


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