Cannes, France

From this elegant city, home of the famous film festival, it's an easy drive to the other star attractions along the French Riviera. Enjoy the plunging cliffside scenery on one of the corniche roads as you head for Monte Carlo. Or perhaps visit Antibes with its lush, bougainvillea-draped villas, or the medieval walled town of St. Paul de Vence.

Marseille, France

This ancient port, famed for its simmering soup pots of bouillabaisse, is our gateway to some of Southern France's most entrancing regions: Provence, where Paul Cezanne's paintings come to life in flowering hillside villages, narrow roads lined with poplar trees, piercing blue skies and farmers driving carts heaped with olives or apples or red peppers; Languedoc with its rock walls of ancient castles and the Rhone Valley with its riches in Roman ruins.

La Rochelle, France

We'll sail into a port guarded by ancient fortresses, relics of its former glory as a great maritime city. Now this town it our gateway to the churches, chateauz and cuvees of France's Cognac region.

St. Malo (Mont St. Michel), France

A little beyond this magnificent walled city stands a glory of French architecture, Mont St. Michel. Begun in 707, this abbey rises above the sea on a rock pinnacle and was a major site for Medieval pilgrimages.

Le Havre (Paris), France

This busy seaport at the mouth of the River Seine is our gateway to Paris with its treasures that include the Arc de Triomphe, Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame cathedral. Another option is an excursion to the D-day beaches of World War II.